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why is investment banking career coaching valuable in todays's market?

Investment banking recruiting is more competitive than ever.

  • The offer rate can be less than 2% at the most prestigious firms. Further, most banks have reduced their recruiting scope since the financial crisis while investment banking has remained one of the most sought after career path choices for graduates of top schools. Pairing yourself with the right coaching program can help you gain that much needed edge over the competition.


Most investment banks have highly structured recruiting processes - lending to coachability.

  •  Most banks tend to pursue a similarly structured recruiting process each year with roughly the same timing, target class size, interview rounds, questions types, etc. Having an inside track on what to expect from your recruiting efforts at target firms can substantially increase your preparedness and chances of success. The staff at Arcus Prep has an intimate knowledge of the recruiting processes at each of the major banks, as well as the processes at many boutique firms.


In investment banking the bankers conduct most of the interview process and are responsible for most of the hiring decisions, making bankers the clear choice for the most effective coaches.

  • At Arcus Prep, our coaches are all current or former investment bankers who have participated in the recruiting process through interviewing and hiring hundreds of candidates both full time and for internships across multiple career levels.


Coaches can help candidates perform at their highest level in the investment banking recruiting process.

  • Arcus Prep's coaches can give you valuable candid, unbiased feedback that friends, relatives, or yourself can’t provide. Our coaches can help you develop a recruiting strategy, identify your strengths and weaknesses, and sharpen key skills ahead of any interaction with target firms.


Career coaching brings a whole new level of efficiency and effectiveness to your recruiting strategy.

  • When you enlist a coach to help you in the recruiting process, you have someone that will hold you accountable. Your Arcus Prep coach will help you keep your recruiting goals top of mind and ensure that you stay on track to achieve them.


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